August 27, 2008

Palm Drive

Oil on Canvas paper

This is the first sketch I did on my first day at the Randy Sexton plein air workshop. Even Randy joked about the cliche composition of the meandering pathway, and the simple fact that I had chosen to paint trees in front of other trees, in front of other trees...  Still this was my first oil painting in 20 years and I had a blast putting it together.

Funny thing – painting in nearly full sunlight, the paintings look totally different later in the day (say around critique time) than they did in full natural light. Different is OK, but it's a bit jarring if you're not used to the shift. Just another one of those things I've got to learn.

1 comment:

DanCoyote said...

Oil Paint!!! Love it...

I like the way you loaded your brush with a few colors when making the palm leaves.

-Desert Critter