August 27, 2008

A Little Background...

Below here are some random paintings I did over the years in the gap between learning a bit of this in school, and eventually pick this up again with a more serious passion.

In 2006 I went with my father on a three-day plein air oil painting workshop with Randall Sexton, just for fun. I didn't realize it would awake in me a new zeal for painting. He's a great teacher and has a great approach to painting. I learned more in 3 days than I could apply in a year. I went back again in 2007, and found I still have so much more to learn. As usual. 

Postings after this will start with some studies I did in the workshop, and then proceed chronologically until I catch up to the present. I'd like this be a "painting a day" type blog, but I'm just not lucky enough to paint every day. Maybe this will provide a little more motivation to keep the work flowing.

My father, who's been painting for quite a while now, told me a story of an artist visiting his studio, where she looked over his work and said some encouraging words along the lines of "you're making good progress". The zinger was she said that "you really don't hit your stride until your thousandth painting". 

I've got a long way to go!!!!

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