May 20, 2009

Golden Gate Meadow

Oil Pastels on Paper

Having never had a show of my own, I used to laugh at fellow artists getting all wigged out before there's. Now I'm getting a sense of where that anxiety comes from. 

And I didn't even have to do any painting for either of my upcoming shows. I'm just showing stuff that's already done. However, there was selecting, framing, labeling etc. Oh, and installation. 

So, between all these little activities and my regular work, I'm left with little time to paint. I'll be resuming shortly, but for now I may be posting some stuff from my sketch book. Someone had sent me a link to Robert Chunn's blog, and he's made sketches part of his regular posting. Makes perfect sense. He also includes some excellent quotes.

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Avocaken said...

Hey Gringo! Congratulations on TWO SHOWS!!!!! In theater they say "break a leg". I don't know how an artist tell another good luck, except to say "GOOD LUCK!" and I hope all goes well. And don't get too wigged out on us. :-)

Best wishes
Ken B.