May 11, 2009

Silent Crossing

Acrylic on Canvas Board - 14 x 18 inches   SOLD
Sticking with big canvases for the time being, this is another 14x18 inch piece. I really need to get out more now that the weather is nicer. The photo this is from has great eerie qualities because of the back lighting coming through and it's softening effect on the posts. I'm using the big brush and trying to stay loose, but again, I've picked a subject with lots of straight lines!
I also thought that I could get away with using lots of black since the photo had such rich darks, but when I was done, it's pretty obvious that I over did it. I may come back to this again. Maybe.

Turns out this is the Cerri Building in Healdsburg, an important structure for sure, and right on the original rail line through town. I found out my dad had done a few of these as well. Naturally, our versions are different, but we both thought this crossing and the building itself were definitely a subject worthy of painting. In the far distance you can see a sliver of Fitch Mountain.

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Camille LaRue Olsen said...

As far as the black goes, do you ever look at Edward Gordon's work, or Stephen Magsig? They use this much black all the time. This is a nice dramatic compositon and I really like the strong lighting feeling from the value contrasts.