May 6, 2009

Morning Camp Sketch

Acrylic on Postcard - 4 x 6 inches SOLD

Using up that left-over paint again. I am sooooo cheap. (you might say thrifty, but really it's a kind of cheapness). 4x6 is so much easier for me. For now.


Carol Horzempa said...

I love your reflection in the water...very nice small painting!

It is so much better to use left over paint to do a painting that others can enjoy than just throwing away the paint. Good for you!

Have you tried putting left over paint in the freezer? I do that when I'm working on a painting that takes a few days to finish.

Gwen Bell said...

This is so pretty and serene!Really strong strokes of paint! Love the definition it gives to the hill. The water reflection is terrific. And that one light grayishgreen swirly stroke by the bright green on the far left edge is really speaking to me. It's saying "Ask him if we can have another, please!"