July 9, 2009


Acrylic on Canvas Panel

I'm not entirely sure this is Fairfax, but it reminds me of Fairfax. I was going to crop in on the buildings, but then realized what I liked about this shot was the shadows of the trees across the road, and the fact that the buildings look so small against the mass of trees.

For paint I tried a new set I got of Golden Open Acrylics. I didn't immediately notice much difference, but when I went back to lay in new color on previously painted areas I found I was picking up a lot of the color underneath. This made it fun to paint and repaint the trees and shadows, though it took some adjusting from my normal style.

Also interesting, the following morning, some of the paint was still not completely set.

1 comment:

Gwen Bell said...

Those shadows are soooo beautiful.
Great trees too. And so glad you left in the buildings. The shapes and colors add wonderful interest and, as you pointed out, perspective against those big trees. The trees in the background are a really nice value and add so much depth. Nice work!

Very interesting that they didn't dry upon impact. They must have a lot of extender in them.