July 3, 2009

Rower 3

Acrylic on Canvas Panel

Not content with my attempts I decided to try a stripped-down version, with just the basic shapes. This is more in the direction I wanted in the first place. It's still hard to deal with that face mostly in shadow. If it was the side of a barn I could paint it in and leave it, but since I "know" there's a face there, and as humans, we all respond to faces, it's really hard to leave it be.


Gwen Bell said...

I like all 3 versions, but this last one is my favorite because it has that "Gringo" look I love...the strong, deliberate brushstrokes, the sharp abstract shapes, the great shadows. The further I pull back, the more I like it and the more the suggestion of features show up. Nice work!

Edward Burton said...

Rower 3 is my favorite as well. The colors, the abstract composition and the bold brushwork that you put down with decisive strokes (the right shoulder and upper arm and the face shadows for example)are wonderful.