July 31, 2009

Red Flag Big

Acrylic on Canvas

And here ends "abstraction week in Gringo-land." Well for now, I think.

At the suggestions of a few followers here, I did indeed try to replicate one of the postcards at a larger size. This one is 18x14 inches.

I skipped the palette knife, because it's really not big enough. Instead I used a 3-inch foam brush. I've seen Wyland do this a lot as an underpainting etc. but I gotta say, it's really a lot of fun.

I gave myself a very short window of time to enlarge this image. I think that helped, because it's very hard to go back over areas with a 3-inch brush, and I felt like I was pushing $2 worth of paint every time I made a swipe. "It's just paint, it's just paint, it's just ..."

1 comment:

Chartan said...

dang! don't end your abstractions, you're an inspiration to ME.