July 8, 2009

Sonoma Security

Acrylic on Canvas Panel (destroyed)
Well, I don't hate it, but it does bug me. Pretty much the same problem I had with the rower. This is only a 5 x 7 panel, so to do any real detail, I'd need a tiny brush, and I don't like using tiny brushes.
The problem is if I quickly gesture a few strokes, the colors look right, but the mind translates those strokes into actual facial expressions, making her look like she had a stroke. Scrub it out, try again, and now it's wrong, but just in a different way. I feel like I'd have to take endless attempts until I got the looseness I want and a set of features that don't shock or offend. I mean, in the photo she's an attractive woman.
I may try this again on a larger panel, but I'm afraid it'll be the same. I'll wind up getting all obsessed about the strands of hair or her earring and loose sight of keepin' it loose.

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