July 22, 2009


Acrylic on Panel

Day two of the workshop. The paint was drying so fast yesterday that I decided to switch to a set of Golden Open Acrylics, but with temperatures nearing 100, I still had to add tons of medium and even water (I had my trusty spray bottle but even that was not enough) just to keep things fluid.

Every time I adjusted something on this piece, I made something else worse, or exposed a bigger area of trouble.

At the critique I got a lot of helpful tips on how I might "fix" this, and I thought, "yeah, right. I'm not putting another dab on this loser." However, when I got it back, I did follow the advice. I softened the mountain line, warmed up the vineyard ground, and got some deeper darks in the green shadows. I'm not saying I really rescued it, but it certainly served as a learning experience.

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