June 29, 2011

Pool Garden

Acrylic on Canvas - 9 x 12 inches Ω
Just a quick sketch outside in someone's garden over the weekend. Oh, how nice to be outside again. Definitely rusty. I took photos, so I'm gonna see if I can improve on this at home tomorrow.

June 21, 2011


Acrylic on Canvas - 18 x 18 inches

For the last week's Daily Paintworks Challenge, (yes, I'm running a little behind in my work) Cathleen Rehfeld had us consider balance, both literally and figuratively. I thought I'd create a precariously balanced stack while keeping the colors in a related family.

18 inches squared is pretty big for me, but managed to lay out twice as much paint, use bigger brushes and work very quickly so that things stayed wet and manageable. I think I got it all in in under and hour, but I did go back this morning and add a bit more warmth to the top of the bottommost box's top surface. It just looked washed out and dull.