October 29, 2012

Grand Avenue

Acrylic on Panel - 5 x 7 inches - Click Here to Bid

I snapped a pic of these tall palms on a recent errand through the East Bay. Decided I needed to do a timed painting, so I dove right in and after a while, I realized I hadn't set the timer. It's those little details that can sink a plan. I'm guessing 30 minutes, but who knows.

... and a bit of an update...

October 23, 2012

Beach Walk

Acrylic on Panel - 5 x 7 inches - Sold

Trying to squint and keep it real simple. From a photo on my phone. By actually viewing it on my phone instead of the big screen, it was easy to make the reference small and further away. Unfortunately, it kept turning off.

October 20, 2012


Acrylic on Card - 4 x 6 inches - Click Here to Bid

This weeks entry into the Daily Paintworks Challenge.

... and the iPad version that got things started (using the Brushes app). I think I like this one better, but wasn't sure it met the criteria for the challenge.

October 18, 2012

Bus Rider

Acrylic on Panel - 9 x 12 inches - sold

I've worked on this piece on and off over the Summer and it just never seems to get where I want it.
Too much detail, not enough detail, too dark, too light etc.

I'm only posting it to see if it will now leave me alone. We'll see. A casual observer commented "it looks like animee". Ugh.