July 8, 2013


Acrylic on Panel - 5 x 17 inches - NFS

Back to the country for some more painting and some fireworks etc. Getting better at separating the greens and keeping it loose, but in photographing this next set, something interesting revealed itself. There was a swatch of orange on the backdrop I set these against, and when I viewed them in Photoshop before cropping, that orange really sang. Too bad I didn't manage to get any of it in the actual paintings.

I really think using an orange tone for priming the canvases would have helped me remember to get more of that tone in here.

Here's a faked version so you can see what I mean. It's not great, but it does hint at what could be.

July 1, 2013

Artist Studio Online Tour and Giveaways – A Blog Carnival

I don't really have a studio. I live in the most expensive city on Earth, so I paint in the kitchen/office/dining/living-room (and yes that's all one room). I also put away everything when I'm done, so there's really no studio. Just my pochade box on a tripod. The same setup in the home as in the field.

Marla Laubisch on the other hand has a great looking studio (pictured above) and has generously opted to share it with us along with 14 other artists. It really is an interesting tour, so check it out.


Marla LaubischCarol SchiffKaethe BealerJo MacKenzie
Michael ChamberlainCharleen MartinSally BinardJacklyn Karabaich
Sharon GravesSea DeanJohnna SchellingTaryn Day
Julie Ford OliverSarah SedwickKim RempelCindy Michaud
Joanne GrantCarmen BeecherCindy WilliamsCathy Engberg

Marla also has a giveaway painting for one lucky subscriber to her weekly newsletter, so get signed up and win!