September 11, 2015


Acrylic on Panel - 6 x 6 inches

This is from a Facebook photo posted by one of my friends, of their daughter reading. It was another one of those "it's almost a painting already" images, but that's probably because he's a very skilled photographer.

It wound up not looking quite like her, but I really enjoyed doing this one because so many of the things I've been taught started flowing naturally. I could almost hear some of my teachers commenting on what my next brush stroke should be. I even laid out a range of tones on the palette before I started, and followed all sorts of sage advice. It's rare when it all comes together, but hopefully it will start happening more frequently.

September 10, 2015

Falling Light

Acrylic on Panel - 5 x 7 inches

I love walking about town as the sun begins to set. It's special because it's most nights it's just foggy, but now and again, the streets and buildings are bathed in golden light.

What initially grabbed me about this scene was light and color, but as I did a thumbnail sketch, I was fascinated by the shadows of the trees and poles radiating out. I would have never imagined them doing that. Learn something every day.

September 3, 2015

Stow Lake - Art Rage

Acrylic on Panel - digital image - NFS

I was at a life drawing event recently and met artist David Newman, who does iPad Portraits. You can see his work at http://ipadportraits.blogspot.com I asked him about his tools and he showed me the Wacom stylus he used and his app of choice, Art Rage. I decided to give that combo a go.

Here's my first piece. you can see it does an interesting job of simulating the textures of thick brush strokes (most noticeable in the light areas).
There are a lot of tools and settings for this app, so I'm going to have to experiment more.